nicole instep sitting in her yoga meditation wellness and mindful space
Sustainable Design

A calming Mindful Space made sustainable on a start-up budget.

Case Study: The challenge was how to create a calming, natural, sustainable studio space with low natural light, noise pollution to the busy salon above, on a start-up budget.

Sessions Hairdressing is a Sustainable Salon in the premier village-style Sydney suburb of McMahons Point.

Nicole Inskip, a talented hairdresser and seasoned salon business owner, has a strong sustainability ethos in both her business and personal life. She follows an ayurvedic diet, staying healthy by practicisng yoga and meditation.

Keen to help clients enhance their inner beauty & overall well-being, Nicole wanted to convert the salon’s basement area into a Mindful Space to offer Yoga, Meditation and Wellness workshop sessions.

Nicole engaged Rachel from Good and Eco Interiors to help with the beautification of the basement into a haven of wellness for launch.

“Rachel has designed a space that feels so inviting & calming that when it was finished I wanted to move in”, Nicole says.

“The paint colour selection was a triumph and transformed the space. Rachel listened to the brief and came up with really practical solutions to balance the 3 key focuses for me – budget, sustainability & wellness.”

Before and After Sessions Mindful Space Yoga Meditation Wellness Studio Waiting Area

Taking inspiration from nature & biophilic design, the Mindful Space’s sustainable and wellbeing features include:

  • Mood lifting plants in 100% recycled plastic wall plant holders are used in the inviting and zen-like waiting area to prepare clients to de-stress.
  • “Coriander” low-toxic Resene paint covered on two feature walls instantly create a sense of calm and now compliments the existing three-tone green commercial hard flooring.
  • Feature wall of lead-free mirror tiles creates a sense of spaciousness in the studio and bounces as much of the natural light back in.
  • Preserved plants requiring no water have been specified in the studio space. Due to the low levels of natural light, alive plants would not survive.
  • A sliding barn door now dampens noise and creates a more intimate practice space. This was painted in left-over white paint from the salon’s refurbishment, to minimise waste and save money.
  • Portable outdoor bench seating doubles as storage space in the waiting area, and can be repurposed in the future.
  • A blackboard paint circle in the waiting area adds visual interest, ties in with the salon’s branding and doubles as a re-usable message board for inspirational quotes as well as upcoming sessions & events.

Before and After Sessions Mindful Space Yoga Meditation Wellness Studio

Nicole concludes, “I couldn’t be happier with the Mindful Space interior. There is now balance where there wasn’t before and it feels so warm and inviting. The space has been transformed from under-utilised to being flexible in its use, as we’ve pivoted to running more beauty & wellness sessions.”

Before and After Sessions Mindful Space Yoga Meditation Wellness Studio Space and Workshops
Kerri Hollingsworth from antiquate who is the first Meet the Good Maker interview
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Meet the Good Maker

Stories inspire and connect human beings.

On my journey over the last 7 years, hunting for sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy furnishings for the home, both here and overseas, I’ve met many passionate people who are behind the scenes making them.

Meet the Good Maker” is the first in a series to tell their story and why they choose to go the extra mile to make a more sustainable option. 

In episode 1 we meet Kerri Hollingsworth from an.ti.quate.

A chance conversation about toothbrushes turned this International Flight Attendant into an Eco Warrior not only having a massive impact in her personal life but also in her creative business as well.

>> Watch the video to hear her story and journey.

Kerri’s artistry business, an.ti.quate reconditions old armchairs and upcycles them into beautiful statement pieces you can comfortably sit on and enjoy for hours and hours. Naturally she now takes an eco-friendly approach in the process using fabric off-cuts, natural fibres, eco-friendly materials or even memorabilia in custom armchair commissions.

See the result for yourself below in these examples of her work and creations.

You can of course check out her website for more info and contact details at

Back view of the Penelope chair from antiquate
Penelope Chair – Back View
Close up detail of the Penelope chair from antiquate
Penelope Chair – Detail View
Penelope chair from antiquate close up detail of the weaving
Penelope Chair – Weaving Detail
Green chair from Antiquate back view outside in Australian landscape
Green Chair with footstool
Two blue chairs from antiquate in front of a shed
Two Blue Armchairs
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?
Well & Green Home

Stone benchtop or healthy air & light?

Could healthy home specs become premium real estate marketing features of the future? A UK Grand Designs new build showcases the future to healthy homes.

Recently I moved to a typical brick and block unit built in 1970.

It’s tastefully renovated and is welcoming. And yes, it has stone kitchen bench tops.

I feel safe. 

This wasn’t the case at my last place…but that’s a story for another time.

Lurking in the back of my mind is a question. Am I as “safe” as I think I am?

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5 hottest green interior design finds in London

The war on plastic is far from over.

Just as you can opt out more easily on plastic shopping bags and straws, you can avoid single use plastic and choose more planet-friendly items when furnishing a home.

Designers are increasingly responding by creating more natural, eco-friendly, sustainable furniture and homewares.

On the hunt in London at #LDF18 (London Design Festival 2018) to check out the latest green interiors, here’s the top five sustainable designer pieces and brands I found there doing their bit for the planet, whist making beautiful pieces for modern homes and lifestyles.

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Fast furniture and 7 things to avoid buying furniture for your health and the planet's
Furniture, Home Interiors, Well & Green Home

7 things to avoid when buying furniture for your health and the planet’s

We all know fast food is not good for us. But what about fast furniture?

Fast furniture not only suffers the same sustainable issue as fast fashion, by clogging up landfill, it can unknowingly impact human health.

Formaldehyde can be found in furniture made with MDF, particleboard, plywood and applied with paints, lacquers and coatings. Typically, this will be in the mass produced furniture, but not exclusively.

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