Wellness luxury homes inspire 5 well-being ideas in your home

Muse residence wellness homes

True luxury or true beauty is not about Loius Vuitton, its about clean water, energy and air” says Daan Roosegarde, artist and desginer of acclaimed social design lab Studio Roosegarde.

And that’s what you get in a Muse luxury Wellness Residence with light filled, jaw dropping expansive ocean views, beachside in Florida.

Starting from USD1.9m for a 2 bed condo, you can enjoy robotic parking, biometric technology, a private service beach club, exotic Italian and Turkish marble and stone, rich hardwood apartment finishes, with added signature wellness features designed by Delos and Dr. Deepak Chopra, for the ultimate indoor life-giving and enhancing air, light and water quality.

Delos’s scientifc lab research on the impact of the built environment on the human body, has seen them design 3 key systems to nuture human health in this high-end apartment complex, to improve sleep, mood, and reduce exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals, through the basic elements of life to offer what is argubaly, true luxury.

“Circadian disruption from electric light exposure may play a role in diabetes, obesity, depression, as well as breast cancer” says Delos

  1. Dynamic and circadian rhythm lighting. Sunrise to sunset, light regulates our body’s natural rhythm. The lighting system in a Wellness Residence dynamically combines day and artifical light for optimal circadian alignment improving energy, mood and productivity.
  2. A best in class advanced water filtration system in the kitchen and bathroom sinks eliminates elements that harm the body – chlorine, lead, VOCs – and leaves exactly what the body actually needs resulting in drinking water with a clean refreshing taste. Shower Infusers reduce chlorine which can leave skin and hair dry.
  3. Air purification and optimisation. Over and above a HVAC system, residents can opt for a sensor-driven monitoring system that continuously detects changes in air quality, temperature, humidity and ambient sound levels. For allergy and asthma sufferers, the advanced air purification system removes harmful allergens, pollemns, toxins and pathogens for cleaner breathing air.

This is not Delos’s first Wellness residential project. Dr Deepak Chopra bought one of their wellness residential haven in West Village, New York for a reported USD14.5m back in 2014. They say the rich and famous set the trends.

Wellness real estate is tipped to explode.

The wellness real estate market globally is expected to grow to US$180 billion by 2022, with Australia the third largest market behind the US and China, according to The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) research report Build Well To Live Well.

More broadly Wellness is a trillion dollar industry, so it makes sense people will want to demand more from the built environment they live in. I see people will want to have the benefits of what they experience at wellness travel retreats back at home to enjoy everyday.

Wellness home features don’t have to be reserved for high-end developments.

Not everyone will be able to afford the multi-million dollar price tag of a Delos luxury wellness development. So how can you incorporate wellness benefits into affordable residential developments and projects?

Here’s 5 readily available products or easy to install solutions, you can specify for enhanced well-being of buyers and residents inspired from Delos’s approach.

  1. Downlight bulbs from the Phillips Hue range can be controlled from an app to adjust warm and cool light creating similar benefits of energising or relaxing light as circadian lighting systems, designed for living and bedrooms.
  2. Under bench kitchen water filter taps have been around for a long time but seem out of vogue. Perhaps it’s for asthetic reasons. Instead of being on show next to a feature faucet in a magazine worthy open plan kitchen, they can be plumbed into the increasingly popular butlers style pantry sink for fairly minimal cost. For a few thousand dollars extra, a whole home water purification system can be installed.
  3. A chlorine free shower head, with a price tag under AUD200 that can even be retro-fitted onto most existing shower fittings, must be a no brainer. Chlorine drys the skin and is a toxic chemical. Vitamin C and Aromatheraphy shower fittings are also available on the market for additional health and well-being benefits.
  4. CO2 can be absorbed from indoor air with paint from Graphenstone. Free from VOCs, carcinogen or toxic substances as well, this paint creates a healthier home air environment, especially useful for asthma, allergy sufferers and children.
  5. Installation of lourve windows at opposite ends of the home not only will provide energy efficent cross ventiliation, but will assist with bringing in the cleaner outdoor air in. And, modern louvres are safer to leave open day and night.

Deepak Chopra is quoted as saying “Health and well-being are the natural state of the body and mind.” With a growing number of workplaces supporting this in commerical built developments for bottom line productivity benefits, the next health frontier is to ensure our homes support that too. And, the good news it’s not that far out of reach.

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