Unplug at a secret eco Slow Cabin

Feel like getting off-the-grid for the weekend and don’t mind much where?

Then, a ‘mystery’ Slow Cabin escape could be exactly what you need.

Slow Cabins are dotted in secret locations in Belgium. There’s no wifi or tv, to ensure a complete digital detox. They’re eco-friendly and self sufficient with solar power, cozy wood fire, rainwater filtration system and dry toilets. Exuding a calm, simple interior, the outdoor decking space is also left minimalistic, inviting the visitor to be immersed in the surrounding nature.

Take only what you need and leave a small footprint.

Each of our cabins comes equipped with a smart display that shares your energy and water use with you. By actively seeing your energy usage throughout your stay you become aware of your impact on the environment and what a positive and ecological footprint might look like.

Even if you don’t need to unplug, a Slow Cabin experience is an informative short stay, should you be considering  installing eco, green and healthy features into your home.

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