Re-purposed military sofa collection by Stephen Kenn

Stephen Kenn Inheritance military sofa front

A mix of mid-century and military style is inspiration for Stephen Kenn’s Inheritance collection.

LA designer Stephen Kenn connects with his grandfather’s time at war, through his mid-century style Inheritance collection.


Stephen Kenn Inheritance sofa side on
Stephen Kenn Inheritance sofa


Stephen Kenn military faribault foot soldier blanket inheritance collection
Stephen Kenn military Faribault foot soldier blanket sofa


Stephen Kenn inheritance sofa criteria collection
Stephen Kenn military Fairbault foot solider blanket sofa


Mid-century style works well with this collection.

Stephen Kenn, Canadian born artist and designer, explains this in his design process video and how his original inspiration was to simplify furniture and make it transparent, being the basis of creating the frame of the sofa and chairs.

A discovery of a Los Angelos warehouse stacked high with vintage WWII army issue canvas inspired him to use them as fabric for the cushions, which ended up nicely playing into his desire to create furniture that tells a story and evokes meaningful conversation. And, an emotional connection with his grandfather serving in the war.

Design your life in a way that allows you to serve others.

– Stephen Kenn

Many of us will know of a family member that served in either WWI or WWII. We honour their service in Anzac Day commemorations, but imagine if we could remember their story just by sitting in our lounge rooms, every day?

That’s what some designers are doing, by re-purposing army tent and canvas material into simple, functional furniture pieces to use in our homes.

Recycling military fabric is clearly a sustainable practice.

But of the furniture pieces I’ve found and adored, the military fabric has been applied in such a simple design. And I ask myself, why is this? Is it because, the fabric carries such an emotive past, it needs no further embellishment?

Stephen Kenn military loveseat inheritance collection


Stephen Kenn military chair ottoman


Stephen Kenn military chaise inheritance collection

Military aesthetic is sleek and masculine.

A converted warehouse or commercial office would be a suitable aesthetic setting for Stephen Kenn’s Inheritance sofa and chairs.

Oversized comfy cushions though beckon to be lounged on and recall the past.

So, if you want to be kind to the environment, and give life to a piece of history, that you can enjoy in your home or office, consider a thoughtfully and considered designed piece of furniture that can last many more years to come – such as the Inheritance collection.


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