Are you getting a good night’s sleep?

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If you’re waking up feeling groggy…and it’s not from that extra glass of Pinot Noir you had the night before…or you’re not stressed out of your head from your job or relationship. Then, it could be the air quality in the boudoir.

Studies have found that a high amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the room can disrupt REM sleep. Too much CO2 causes drowsiness and leave you with that groggy feeling.

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Why would CO2 be a problem?

CO2 is colourless and odourless so you can’t use your normal senses to detect it, making it dangerous.

It accumulates indoors especially in higher amounts within smaller apartments where two or more people are living in them, because we all exhale CO2. If the windows are not opened, it becomes trapped inside. Similarly, if you live in the countryside on land exposed to fertilisers, CO2 can seep into your home from the soil.

Unvented wood, and gas cooking and heating are of most concern causes cited from the World Health Organisation.

So how do you know if you have a CO2 problem?

CO2 monitors exist. Fortunately, the Awair is an attractive indoor air quality monitor you can have in your home constantly measuring CO2, and also, Dust, Chemicals, Temperature and Humidity levels in your room. It’s app based of course, and can alert you when levels are getting too high.

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What can you do to reduce CO2 levels in your bedroom?

When carbon monoxide levels are too high, you can open windows. Leaving your bedroom door open at night will help dispel the seven or so hours of CO2 exhaled while asleep.

Snake plants are great for the bedroom, since they take in carbon dioxide and then release oxygen at night. They’re also easy to keep alive. Not a green thumb? An air purifier can do a similar job.

Or, for an excuse to redecorate your bedroom, you can use a CO2 absorbing paint. Yes, such a paint exists and just could give you the peace of mind and restful sleep you need.

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