Container student designer homes

Container student village exterior

Housing affordability is a hot topic in Australia, especially in the larger metro regions. It’s hard to see how low income earners can get into housing. But the bulk of what is getting built is for families in the suburbs, or city dweller apartments for down sizers. Low supply of housing naturally drives up the rental market as well.

A Danish Housing project is finding a solution for a specific need of student digs by re-using the shipping container.

The CPH Village project in Denmark uses a group of converted shipping containers to create a village of affordable, sustainable and design led, student accommodation.

Deliberately designed to encourage simple living for young urbanites, the interiors also make use of recycled materials.

What a fabulous idea!

Student lifestyle accommodated

Instead of students needing to flat share, this solution provides them with valuable space for themselves, whilst still maintaining a sense of community and connection, by sharing a common area with like-minded people.

Being mobile is a corner stone philosophy of the village and the tiny homes. A shared ‘utility container’ houses waste water treatment and electricity supply. Making it a simple process to lift and shift the entire community.

Come on Australia. With some vision, surely this can be done here, especially in University towns. Then again, elderly and low income families could well benefit from this concept too. With design flair applied, containers can be homely and not be the aesthetic eye sore some fear they will be.

What do you think? Is this something you see can happen here?



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