Bringing Mindfulness Home

Just one glance at your to do list or inbox can be enough to send your mind into overdrive. It seems we are constantly asked to reply, decide, like, comment, upload and share, both in our physical and our social media worlds.

Your home should be the haven from all of this. A place where you can find respite from the noise and fast pace of the world outside and online. An opportunity to slow down and leave room for those that are most important in our lives, our family, friends and beloved pets.

This is why we are craving more mindfulness in our homes. A space that allows us to totally unwind and be present with our surroundings. It’s not about having the perfect place for your morning meditation or a sacred space restricted for reading only. It’s more about creating an area where you can go to escape all other distractions and ease into the present moment. Whatever your chosen mindfulness ritual, your home should be the prime environment to support this.

We’re all familiar with the self-imposed social media ban, or the TV free weeknight rule to give ourselves some more quiet time but there are a few creative ways to really inject mindfulness into our homes.

How designers are addressing the issue

As instinctive problem solvers, designers have created some innovative products to help us recognise and reconnect with our daily actions. The philosophy is to engage the user by having a process to complete. In doing so, making us aware of the intention and what is needed to achieve it.

The Klemens Schillinger ‘Offline Lamp’ is not your average lamp. To get light from the lamp you must trade your smartphone. Only when your phone is positioned inside the drawer in its base, the lamp will illuminate. No smartphone, no light.

Knauf and Brown, a Canadian Design Studio, have a few products that prompt you to stop and think about every day, commonplace items. For example, their ‘Standard Vanity Mirror’ is anything but standard. An oak, envelope style casing houses a panel that is half mirror finish, the other half covered in leather. If you want to see your reflection, you need to work for it, removing the mirror/leather panel and rotating it as desired.


Technology can be used to simplify the chaos

Technological gadgets offer some amazing features that we can use to our advantage. Have you heard of Echo Dot? A voice-controlled device that can kickstart mindfulness as soon as you walk through the door. You can ask Alexa to play soothing sounds to complement your in-home yoga session. Control the lights and temperature in your home and ask for natural sounds to get your body ready for a restful night’s sleep.

The DIY option

A simple way to promote mindfulness in your home is to bring something in that resonates with you. Something you are happy to lose yourself in and let the world carry on around you. It might be a piece of art, a comfy chair or an heirloom item. Make them a prominent feature, in an area you frequent often but instead of just passing by, use it, acknowledge it and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you.



Often, we operate on auto-pilot, not even realising the actions we take in our day to day lives. They just become things we do to get the result we want. Mindfulness is the opposite. A state of awareness of the present moment. Although the buzz word of the moment, it really is just a thought driven process of self-reflection and the ability to give yourself some space to appreciate your surroundings.

We’d love to hear about how you make your home a haven for mindfulness. What changes have you made or what products have you found?

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