Unplug at a secret eco Slow Cabin

Feel like getting off-the-grid for the weekend and don’t mind much where? Then, a ‘mystery’ Slow Cabin escape could be exactly what you need. Slow Cabins are dotted in secret locations in Belgium. There’s no wifi or tv, to ensure a complete digital detox. They’re eco-friendly and self sufficient with solar power, cozy wood fire, rainwater filtrationContinue reading “Unplug at a secret eco Slow Cabin”

Wellness luxury homes inspire 5 well-being ideas in your home

“True luxury or true beauty is not about Loius Vuitton, its about clean water, energy and air” says Daan Roosegarde, artist and desginer of acclaimed social design lab Studio Roosegarde. And that’s what you get in a Muse luxury Wellness Residence with light filled, jaw dropping expansive ocean views, beachside in Florida.

Less is more, when it comes to de-stressing homes. 3 ways how.

Even after going through a two year decluttering regime, standing at the back of the removalist truck, I was staggered at the sight of 60 large moving boxes of loose items along with numerous pieces of furniture and large and small portable appliances. For a single person; it seemed like an awful lot. In starkContinue reading “Less is more, when it comes to de-stressing homes. 3 ways how.”

3 simple ways to build sustainability into your home project

Winter is coming and instinctively, our bodies are getting ready to hibernate. Many Australians are staring into another winter of substandard insulation and air tightness in their homes with energy costs to heat them ever rising. They can heat their bodies with blankets like the homeless, but without temperate conditions inside, many homes will breedContinue reading “3 simple ways to build sustainability into your home project”

Bringing Mindfulness Home

Just one glance at your to do list or inbox can be enough to send your mind into overdrive. It seems we are constantly asked to reply, decide, like, comment, upload and share, both in our physical and our social media worlds. Your home should be the haven from all of this. A place whereContinue reading “Bringing Mindfulness Home”