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Inspiring the eco-conscious to have a well & sustainable home, without compromising style.


You want a home you are proud of. A sanctuary from the world that looks good…and makes you feel good too.

At Good and Eco Interiors we want that for you too. Plus, we want you to have a home that supports your wellness and is good for the planet, whether you live in your own home or rent.

State of our health.
Whilst many of us are choosing organic, paleo and raw diets to improve our health, we are mostly unaware of the state of the indoor air quality in our homes, and the impact on our health. A cocktail of chemicals and other irritants can exist, with the ability to make us sick, either mildly or severely. Pregnant women and young children are most at risk. Although, if you suffer from asthma or some other respiratory illness, you would be aware of environmental impacts on your health. With us spending 80-90% of our time indoors now, we believe it is time to know what the health risk factors are, and do something about it.

State of the planet’s health.
Home fashion is somewhat flying under the radar of it’s contribution to CO2 emissions and impact on the environment. Being eco-conscious extends to our own living environments. Not just the energy and water consumed, but what we bring into our homes, and what we buy to decorate and furnish them.

Good design.
We believe in good design. Good design, to us, should now also consider the impact on the planet and it’s resources, the people who will use it, and the people and communities involved in making, transporting and installing it.

We get really excited about the trends in innovations in green furnishing materials and supply chains, and want to bring those to the attention of the eco-conscious consumer.

Over to you.
Whether you are renovating, moving, sprucing up, or aspiring to those things for your home, our aim is to inspire and educate you to think green in your choices, and give you the know-how, to create a beautiful, healthy and more sustainable home that you love.

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After being at the forefront of the digital revolution and riding that massive wave, succeeding in corporate and business for the past 17 years, Rachel Main is now called to make a purpose-driven impact in society in the emerging green movement, within the her first love and training in interior design.

Now a Certified Green Designer, she is qualified to educate and inspire home owners in how they can beautify and live in their homes more sustainably and healthier.

In her Design studio in the Newport, Sydney, she loves designing sustainable and low-toxic custom furniture and upcycled projects for clients.

tree branch lamp and love seat

Based in Sydney, Australia. Originally from New Zealand.
Open to collaborations. Available to speak and travel worldwide.

for general / work / media inquiries please contact Rachel at rachel@goodandeco.com


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