Unplug at a secret eco Slow Cabin

Feel like getting off-the-grid for the weekend and don’t mind much where? Then, a ‘mystery’ Slow Cabin escape could be exactly what you need. Slow Cabins are dotted in secret locations in Belgium. There’s no wifi or tv, to ensure a complete digital detox. They’re eco-friendly and self sufficient with solar power, cozy wood fire, rainwater filtrationContinue reading “Unplug at a secret eco Slow Cabin”

Wellness luxury homes inspire 5 well-being ideas in your home

“True luxury or true beauty is not about Loius Vuitton, its about clean water, energy and air” says Daan Roosegarde, artist and desginer of acclaimed social design lab Studio Roosegarde. And that’s what you get in a Muse luxury Wellness Residence with light filled, jaw dropping expansive ocean views, beachside in Florida.